Frequently asked questions


1. How does the Trendmanager software work?

The Trendmanager is a web-based software. Company access is protected within your company. Everyone has a 'named user' which is protected via password assignment. So you work within your own access.

2. How much does Trendmanager cost?

Information about the functions and prices can be found in the product information.


1. How many trends does the Trendmanager have in the database?

Over 50,000 microtrends (innovations), 109 macrotrends and 17 megatrends in an overall context within our trend universe.

2. Where does the trend content in the Trendmanager come from?

Trendone has maintained a continuous trend scouting approach since 2003. All trend content is scouted and pre-qualified by our in-house trend editorial team. From this we then generate our trend universe with micro, macro and megatrends, which you as a user:in then have access to in the tool.


1. How many users can I use the Trendmanager with?

That depends on the package you book. In the smallest package, you can use the software with up to 5 users. The Explorer module is an exception because we also offer it for a single user in the smallest package. For larger teams, we also offer packages for teams of up to 10, 20, 50, 100 or more users.

2. Are there different user roles?

Yes, there are two main roles: the “Manager” and the “User”. The Manager can create strategic content like Trend Radars and innovation areas. The User can see and read everything, but cannot create content in the form of, for example, Trend Radars. During onboarding, we will show you all the features for the Manager and User roles.


1. Can I create my own trends?

Yes, you can create your own trends at the mega-, macro- and micro-trend levels.

2. Is the content that I add protected?

Yes, all added content (such as trend content, evaluations and comments) is fully protected by various encryption methods.

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