Your tool for working strategically with trends and innovations

Not every trend affects your business in the same way. Some trends are more relevant than others or only affect certain business areas within the industry.

The online tool Trendmanager helps you to identify and systematically monitor the trends that are relevant for you. An interactive trend radar shows you the most important trends in relation to each other.

Identify and exploit innovation opportunities by implementing an effective trend management in your company.

Orientation based on a trend radar

The interactive trend radar offers an intuitive and comprehensible representation of the trends relevant to you and is the starting point for your strategic innovation work. Based on a trend evaluation, the trends in the trend radar are sorted into three concrete recommendations for action: Act, Prepare and Watch.

With the trend radar you create transparency. You can use the following additional options for communicating your content:

  • Export the trend radar, as well as the trend descriptions and evaluations as a convenient PowerPoint file for your management summary or presentation.
  • Integrate the trend radar into your websites, intrantet or SharePoint.

Relevant trends at a glance

The evaluation of selected macro-trends provides the basis for the recommendations for action in the trend radar and the further derivation of strategic innovation fields. You can switch between different views in the Trendmanager:

  • The trend radar displays the trends clustered according to recommendations for action and shows what is immensely relevant.
  • The chart view allows you to see the trends in relation to each other and compare them.
  • In the trend radar analysis screen, you can sort, filter and export the evaluated trends in a table.

Strategic innovations fields open up new opportunities for innovation

Based on the insights gained from the trend evaluations, the trend radar and continuous monitoring of micro-trends, you develop potential fields of innovation for your company.

With the help of our innovation field model, you take relevant aspects into account when deducting innovation fields: Market opportunities, technological opportunities and the necessary and existing capabitilies and assets.

How can you use the Trendmanager to your best advantage?

Detailed overview of global trends and innovations

The Trendmanager gives you access to over 30,000 global micro-trends - and more are added daily. The micro-trends make the trends comprehensible and, as best practice examples, give you an operational benefit in your projects.

More than 100 cross-industry macro-trends in the Trendmanager are available to you for strategic evaluation. You can edit this content and also create your own mega- and macro-trends.

Collaboratively creating trend knowledge

In the Trendmanager you will find all information on the trends in a bundled form. The insider function shows you thematic experts in the company. You can use the contribution functions to set up an internal knowledge management system for trends. Are there any new studies and market figures? What opportunities and risks can be derived? Involve colleagues across departments to make the collective knowledge available.

Giving the starting signal for innovations with innovation projects

Innovation projects in the Trendmanager show which innovation opportunities you have derived from the identified innovation fields.

Whether as an idea, in planning, implementation or as a completed project: innovation projects demonstrate which topics are being worked on and how these are connected to the existing trend radars, innovation fields and trends. Innovation projects create transparency about your current and future measures.

Creating trend reports together

With the help of work spaces and search agents you can work alone or collaboratively with colleagues on your own trend reports. In the work spaces, you can collect the macro- and micro-trends relevant to your search field or project and export them at any time as a convenient PowerPoint file.

Search agents support you in continuously monitoring relevant trend topics. Define your field of interest using full text and filters and receive e-mail notifications when new micro-trends are added to the Trendmanager.

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