Onboarding and the first steps

We work with you to establish a trend management system in your company. During a scoping call, we take note of your individual starting position. Based on this, we provide you with a first shortlist of relevant trends. Online training measures for you and your team are also part of the service.

In addition, we can also offer an initial workshop to give you some methodological training as well as provide additional consulting and research services.

Scoping Call

Welcome on board!
We begin the introduction of the Trendmanager with a scoping call. Together with you, we establish

  • what your aims are in the context of innovation management
  • where you stand in innovation management
  • which sectors your company is active in
  • which trends are relevant
  • who your stakeholders are





Set-up and training

In the second step, we set up the Trendmanager for you.

Based on the scoping call, we create a shortlist with the most relevant trend topics for you.

We configure the users for you.

We hold online training with you and your team. While doing so, we show you how you can work with the various roles in the Trendmanager.

We accompany you

Trendmanager Workshop

In our Trendmanager workshop, you learn all the relevant methods for establishing a strategic innovation management system. From the basics of trend research, to creating a trend radar, to deriving your areas of innovation – we go through all the process steps together with you. This is how we enable you to successfully set up the Trendmanager in your company.

What might your trend radar look like?

Our approach: From trends to innovations

The trend radar is not static. Every month, we report on the latest trends and innovations for you. This gives you the basis for keeping your own trend radar up to date.
Trend radar
The trend radar enables you to stay on top of things. Which trends are important for which sector? And which trends aren’t? The answers are provided by your trend radar.
Innovation fields
The areas of innovation define the sectors in which you innovate. The basis for this is represented by your assets, the company strategy and the trend radar. As all the determinants are variable, you should regularly re-evaluate the trend radar in order to review the areas of innovation.
Innovation projects
You develop concrete initiatives on the basis of the innovation fields and can display them as innovation projects in the Trendmanager. Ideation is an ideal method here for finding concrete approaches. This could take the form of workshops or involve the use of tools.