How our customers use the Trendmanager

How our customers use the Trendmanager

An insight into the Trendmanager and its functions

If you'd like to see Trendmanager in action, I can give you a short live demo.

In that demo I'll show you all the functions that Trendmanager offers and you can ask me all your questions.

What you can expect in the demo:

  • How can the Trendmanager help your innovation management?
  • How is the Trendmanager structured?
  • What is a trend radar and what does it look like?
  • Which functions does the Trendmanager offer?
  • How can you use the Trendmanager in your company?

Your Trendmanager demo

This is how a tool demo works:

  1. First choose a suitable date in the calendar below.
  2. You’ll immediately receive an appointment confirmation with the confirmation via email.
  3. During the tool demo, I’ll briefly show you the tool and all its functions.
  4. You’re welcome to ask me all your questions about the tool during the demo. I’ll try to answer them as best as possible :-)
  5. The demo takes place completely free of charge and without any random sales pitches, I promise ;-)

If this sounds good for you, then book your appointment directly in the calendar below.

Alternatively, feel free to send me an email.

Yours, Carina Hechler
Senior Business Relations Manager