Create successful innovations which hit the bull's eye

The Trendmanager is an innovation software which helps you identifying the best innovation opportunities.

With the Trendmanager you can:

Step 1: Scout trends and innovations quickly and comprehensively.

Step 2:  Evaluate trends with the help of our analysts and AI data.

Step 3: Identify relevant trends with the help of a trend radar.

Step 4:  Stay up to date automatically with AI-supported monitoring.

Step 5:  Identify the innovation fields with the greatest potential.

Step 6:  Make investment decisions based on sound data.

Step 7:  Innovate successfully.

Over 200 customers place their trust in us:

The Trendmanager in use at EWE

The Trendmanager is a central tool in EWE's innovation management.

This is because the Trendmanager is used to generate new ideas, channel information and drive the strategy process forward.

Take a look at how EWE uses the Trendmanager for the company's success:

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