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From the mid-sized sector for the mid-sized sector

Being future-proof is the key indicator for economic strength in times of ever faster change and enormous global challenges. To be – and remain – innovative is a never-ending task which affects the mid-sized sector in particular.

In partnership with the Federation of German Industries (BDI), TRENDONE presents the results of the extensive trend survey in the mid-sized sector.

150+ innovation managers

Current opinion is shaped by 153 participants from 12 industries mainly with technology-savvy companies and business models. 24 macro-trends were evaluated according to their influence on companies, the timeframe for their mainstream adoption in the industries, and the level of expertise in the company.

The Trend Radar answers the question on which trends a company should and must focus on in the future.

The top evaluations

The socially and economically policy-making topic of sustainability stands above all the trends and all players must adapt to it. The topic of digitalisation leads the way among the mega-trends. Cybersecurity is the most highly rated macro-trend.

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector

In cooperation with the BDI, TRENDONE presents the 24 most important trends in 2021+ for the mid-sized sector, as evaluated by mid-sized firms:

  • 153 participants
  • 24 macro-trends
  • 12 industries

The Trend Radar for the mid-sized sector in PDF format (14,9 MB).

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