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Recognizing and understanding the future

Detecting trends at the right time is an important success factor for societies, industry sectors and companies.

With the Trendmanager, you create the content basis for strategic innovation. The  trend radar offers your company orientation during times of change. The areas of innovation allow everyone in the company to understand which direction it is heading in.

More Orientation: The Trend Radar

Blockchain, Platform Economy, Recommendation Marketing, Future Work – there are new and exciting developments in all sectors.
You as an individual, your company and your employees are constantly subjected to a flood of information that makes it ever more difficult to stay on top of things and keep both your team and your company on the right course.

On the one hand, it is essential to keep your eyes open and take a look over the horizon. On the other hand, you have to summon up all your strength to focus on your own future.

This is exactly where the trend radar offers the necessary orientation. The Radar shows you the topics that are most important to you. And it also shows you the upcoming topics that you should monitor.

Identify and evaluate relevant trends

The Trend Manager is an online platform for strategic innovation work.

The central element is the trend radar. In the Trend Manager you have the opportunity to establish one or more trend radars.

In addition, you have the opportunity to map innovation fields in the trend manager and make them accessible internally to the team.

In addition to the tool, the Trend Manager offers all content from the TRENDONE trend explorer.

Trend scouting included

With the trend manager you have automatic access to TRENDONE trend scouting. More than 30,000 innovations from all industries and all regions worldwide as well as more than 250 brand new innovations every month are made available to you perfectly prepared and directly in the tool.

This eliminates the need for a time-consuming in-house scouting and allows you to focus on your essential work.

Make your innovation work internally visible

With the Trend Manager you can digitally map your fields of innovation and also your concrete innovation projects.

In connection with the trend radar, you can create a comprehensive overall picture. From the relevant trends and strategic innovation fields down to concrete projects.

Through this larger context, you make visible how internal projects are related to corpoarte strategy and how the internal strategy is related to the trends.

How to work with the Trendmanager

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