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Innovation managers often face the same challenges

Investment too high

The investment required for scouting the trends is too high. The flood of information is increasing and scouting is getting even more challenging.

No collaborative development

There is no process for collaboratively developing innovations in the team and using internal resources. There is plenty of knowledge in the company, but it is distributed in different place

No system

Scouting is often unstructured and random. There is no clear system or orientation involved.

Lack of central organization

There is no central organization, meaning that one person doesn’t know what the other one is doing, and not everyone has access to other people’s knowledge.

Lacking strategy

Innovation activities take place only selectively and have no overriding strategy. There is no systematic approach for developing a valid innovation strategy.

Lack of visibility

There is a lack of internal visibility of innovation activities. These activities also lack efficiency and success.

As an innovation manager, what would help you is ...

Efficiency: to scout trends and innovations with much less investment.

Expertise: if the trends were previously evaluated by experts.

System: to have a clear orientation when scouting so that you can search with greater focus.

Monitoring: to automatically keep up to date with the relevant trends, without having to do your own research work.

Internal communication: if you could share knowledge internally more easily.

Centralization: to have all the knowledge available in one place, accessible for everyone at all times.

Process simplification: if you had a simple and straightforward tool instead of a myriad of complicated and unclear processes.

Alignment: to have a single source of truth on which the whole company can base its innovation work.

Visibility: if the innovation activities had more internal visibility.

Innovation opportunities: to be able to systematically identify innovation areas with the greatest potential.

Databasing: to be able to base your innovation strategy on expert knowledge.

The ideal tool for this is the Trendmanager

The Trendmanager is an innovation software that helps you to develop a valid innovation strategy and detect the best innovation opportunities at an early stage.

The Trendmanager enables you to:

  • scout the trends and innovations quickly and comprehensively
  • conduct a qualified evaluation of the trends with the help of our analysts.
  • use a Trend Radar to identify and systematically monitor relevant trends
  • keep up to date automatically
  • precisely identify the innovation areas with the greatest potential
  • lay the foundation for a systematic innovation strategy.

The Trendmanager offers you these concrete benefits

  1. Fast scouting, easily sharing knowledge internally, developing ideas collaboratively – the Trendmanager helps you with all this so that your daily innovation work is made much easier.
  2. Derive a valid innovation strategy so that you can approach innovation systematically in future.
  3. Identify the innovation areas with the greatest potential so that you can focus on the best innovation opportunities.


Identification of trends and innovations
Analysis and evaluation of trends and innovations
Derive concrete innovation opportunities. Export the results of your work and communicate them internally.


Identification of trends and innovations:

  • Fast and comprehensive scouting of trends and innovations using the Trend Finder.
  • Pre-evaluation of trends by our analysts.
  • Keep up to date automatically with the help of a search agent.
  • All knowledge is stored in one location and is accessible for your team at all times.


Analysis and evaluation of trends and innovations:

  • Understand the trends and evaluate them in terms of their impact. Put the relevant trends into a clear context.
  • Create your own Trend Radar and use it as a tool for orientation and decision-making.
  • Derive concrete recommendations for action from the evaluation of trends.
  • All features from the EXPLORER module are included.


Derive concrete innovation opportunities. Export the results of your work and communicate them internally.

  • Identify the innovation areas with the greatest potential and derive innovation opportunities from them.
  • Share knowledge internally thanks to the export feature. Simplify internal communication.
  • Give your innovation activities more internal visibility with the help of a Trend Radar and the resulting innovation areas.
  • Create the foundation for a data-based and systematic innovation strategy.
  • All features from the EXPLORER and RADAR modules are included.

An overview of all the Trendmanager’s features

All the modules and features of the Trendmanager can be downloaded in a product info:


The trend manager in use at EWE

For the EWE Group, the ability to innovate is the basis for success and future viability.

The Trendmanager is a central tool in EWE's innovation management. The Trendmanager is used to generate new ideas, channel information and drive the strategy process forward.

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We'll take you into the future

TRENDONE was founded in 2003 by Nils Müller as a trend research institute.
Our main focus now lies in innovation consulting.

We are convinced of this: We can only overcome the challenges of the future with innovations.

We aim to make these innovations possible together with companies, organizations, visionaries, entrepreneurs and everyone else.

Our mission is to create the best possible 21st century together.

FAQ about the Trendmanager


1. How does the Trendmanager software work?

The Trendmanager is a web-based software. Company access to it is protected within your company. Everyone has a password-protected ‘Named User’. This allows you to work within your own access.


2. What does the Trendmanager cost?

You can find details about the features and prices in the product information.


3. Can I test the Trendmanager in advance?

Yes, you can arrange a free demonstration of the tool here.


4. How does the support work?

In the event of technical faults or if you have any questions about the Trend Manager, we are available from Monday to Friday and will respond to your query within 48 hours. Our support team will also help you to create new users or update user data.


5. Are there regular updates?

We continuously further develop the Trend Manager. All updates and new features in your modules are free for you to use.


1. Can I create my own trends?

Yes, you can create your own trends at the mega-, macro- and micro-trend levels.


2. Is the content that I add protected?

Yes, all added content (such as trend content, evaluations and comments) is fully protected by various encryption methods.


3. Can I export the content?

There are three different export possibilities. First, using a “reporting” (Powerpoint or PDF). Second, using a “digital reporting” via iframe in the Sharepoint in a website. Third, using a URL link which is then freely available.


1. How many trends does the Trendmanager have in the database?

Over 50,000 micro-trends (innovations), 109 macro-trends and 17 mega-trends in the full context of our Trenduniverse.


2. Where does the trend content in the Trendmanager come from?

Trendone has pursued a continuous trend-scouting approach since 2003. All the trend content is scouted and pre-evaluated by our in-house trend editors. We then use it to charge up our Trenduniverse with micro-, macro- and mega-trends, which you can access in the tool as a user.


3. What does the Trenduniverse look like?

All the details as well as a visualization of our Trenduniverse is available here.


4. Besides the trends, is there any other content in the Trend Manager?

Our Insights section provides recordings of our monthly ‘trend calls’ in which our trend analysts present you with an in-depth look at the very latest topics. In addition, the ‘Trending Topics’ section features short analyses of up-and-coming topics.


1. How many users can I use the Trendmanager with?

That depends on the package you book. In the smallest package, you can use the software with up to 5 users. The Explorer module is an exception because we also offer it for a single user in the smallest package. For larger teams, we also offer packages for teams of up to 10, 20, 50, 100 or more users.


2. Are there different user roles?

Yes, there are two main roles: the “Manager” and the “User”. The Manager can create strategic content like Trend Radars and innovation areas. The User can see and read everything, but cannot create content in the form of, for example, Trend Radars. During onboarding, we will show you all the features for the Manager and User roles.


3. How many Trendradars, innovation areas and innovation projects can I create?

As many as you like, there is no limit.

The Trendmanager is the right tool for you if ...

  • you want to significantly reduce your investment in scouting for trends and regain control of the flood of information.
  • your scouting should be done with a clear system and orientation.
  • you want to develop a data-based and systematic innovation strategy.
  • you would like to create a process in order to collaboratively develop innovations in the team and use internal resources better.
  • you aim to give your innovation activities more internal visibility, as well as more efficiency and success.

Finally taking a systematic approach to innovation

The Trendmanager enables you to:

  • have a fast and comprehensive scouting of trends and innovations as well as a qualified evaluation of trends by our analysts.
  • keep up to date automatically with the help of a Trend Radar.
  • share knowledge and simplify internal communication.
  • store all the knowledge in one place and make it accessible for everyone at all times. Use a ‘single source of truth’ on which the whole company can base its innovation work.
  • give the innovation activities more internal visibility.
  • simplify innovation work by way of a central structure instead of a myriad of individual and complicated processes.
  • systematically identify the innovation areas with the greatest potential.
  • lay the foundations for a data-based and systematic innovation strategy.
  • add more success and efficiency to your innovation work.

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